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Episode 11 – October 31, 2011

It’s Halloween!  But it’s Monday, so screw all that trick-or-treating and party nonsense, we got plenty of that over the weekend. Instead, listen to our newest, shiniest episode (it almost glistens!).  Our interviewee this week is Kevin Jackson; he plays football (American, not soccer) for the Obic Seagulls.  We’ve also added a “lightning news” segment […]

Episode 10 – October 20, 2011

This is our tenth episode, hurrah, hurrah!  For our milestone episode, we’ve gotten together a fair bit of extra material, including what we hope will be an informative piece on the Occupy Tokyo protests, which includes a few words from noted journalist and activist Chie Matsumoto.  We also have an interview with Joe Pournovin, organizer […]

Episode 09 – October 13, 2011

Really though. We didn’t die. I promise. As proof, here’s an episode! (But you really should get it on iTunes if you’ve got it…) Episode 09 – We’re back, suckas. This ep’s a bit on the lighter side, especially considering if you’re an “influential blogger-type,” you might score a free round-trip ticket to Japan! (And […]

Episode 08 – September 05, 2011

We interview two guys from Japan Coast to Coast, talk about the recent typhoon, cotton growing in Tohoku, and other some such issues. Give us a listen, and send us your feedback! Listen to us on iTunes, or here’s a direct download link! http://thejapanshow.com/podcast/2011-09-07_tjsep08.mp3

Episode 07 – August 29, 2011

Congrats to Japan’s new prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda! We wonder how long Mr. Noda will actually last… Gavin says May will be when the new PM is ousted, John is a little more pessimistic and says March. What do you think? Send us an email at john@thejapanshow.com with your guesses. Maybe we’ll send you something […]