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New Domain – thejapanshow.com!

Friends! We have finally taken the plunge and spent the cash for a full-fledged .com domain.  You can now find us at thejapanshow.com, just like a legitimate project and everything! What with the expenditure, I’ll also be working on trying to make this look like more of a professional website that you can go to […]

Episode 29 – August 23rd, 2012

Direct Download – MP3 (or get us on iTunes!) Richard Simmons taught us to “Sweat out the News.”  At least, that’s what we heard, and so here we are.  The East China Sea is coming to a boil, Japanese Olympic medalists are coming home to a heroes welcome, and we wonder if Tokyo’s better off […]

Episode 28 – August 3rd, 2012

Episode 28 – Direct Download (right click and Save As if you would like the mp3 on your computer) (Hint; on iTunes, and we have an RSS!) “You’ll love Tokyo in the summer,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Actually, no one said that. But we’re here anyway, faces melting Raiders of the Lost Ark-style […]

Episode 27 – July 11th, 2012

Direct Download – MP3 (or get us on iTunes!) Returning to the fold from various beautiful destinations, tropical or mountainous, Gavin and John put on the smug faces when it comes to the Ozawa break, Oi restarts, and…cheap soaplands? If you’re living outside Japan, check out NHK World’s show, Journeys in Japan, particularly the Rishiri and […]