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Episode 32 – October 25, 2012

Direct Download – Episode 32 (MP3, Right-click and Save)    (Or do the RSS/iTunes/etc thing!) Special Guest: Jonathan Gartrelle of Niji Iro Ninja (Rainbow Ninja), a group organizing flash mobs and fighting for the right to dance in Japan. It’s that time of the year, friends; when Tokyo is so bearable that even the two […]

Episode 31 – October 12 2012

Direct Download – MP3   (or get on iTunes!) China, Japan, and Korea are at it yet again; violent protests, threat of sanctions, skipping major financial summits, currency deals cancelled, it’s just another day in the office for North Pacific relations.  Or is it?  Come chat with us on how the Senkaku/Diaoyus are keeping us […]

Episode 30 – September 14 2012

  Episode 30 – Direct Download (MP3)  (Or get us on iTunes!) As the East China Sea heats up to a boil, we sit down with the very chilled Roshni and Sara of 47 Japanese Farms (link) to talk about their farmstay experiences across Japan. Back in Kasumigaseki, PM Noda’s government is looking to go anti-nuclear […]

Japan’s critical energy juncture: is Tokyo ready to make its move?

This editorial was originally penned for publishing in Japan Today’s “Insight” Magazine and the Japan Today Opinion section, but PM Noda’s reported decision to go anti-nuclear by 2030 means I’m putting up a rewrite for next week. So, lo and behold, here it is, exclusive to thejapanshow.com –John   The landscape of Japanese politics when […]