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Episode 42 – August 16, 2014

(Photo: Bayside Yokohama, 2am – John Matthews) Japan’s wrapping up its O-Bon (respect for ancestors) holidays – John’s just back from visiting family and friends in the US – and Gavin’s just back from being sunburned on Zushi beach. While we originally intended this episode to be light on news and heavy on the light […]

Episode 41 – June 16 2014

Episode Round-up Coming up on our three-year anniversary (of two grumpy men and one microphone), we’re taking a bit of a chill-out at a little izakaya (bar) in Ofuna, Japan. Up on the agenda –┬áJapanese aircraft apparently get caught on tape in an aggressive posture with Chinese planes over the East China Sea, putting some […]

Episode 40 (40!) – May 9, 2014

We are here, back, happy, and on microphone, and also things! Wrapping up the biggest goings-on in Japan and the North Pacific in recent weeks, you’ll want to give us a listen for an always-irreverent but not-often-poignant look at what’s happening on our side of the planet. Plus, look out for a website revamp and […]

Interview – Alfie Goodrich

If you’ve not heard of Mr. Goodrich, he’s one of the premier photographers of the Tokyo scene – gaijin or otherwise. Seeing as how John’s caught the shutterbug and is working his way around Tokyo and Yokohama, trying to find the angle on adding the camera to the sound repertoire, we found the British-born Alfie […]