Episode 41 – June 16 2014

Episode Round-up

Coming up on our three-year anniversary (of two grumpy men and one microphone), we’re taking a bit of a chill-out at a little izakaya (bar) in Ofuna, Japan. Up on the agenda –┬áJapanese aircraft apparently get caught on tape in an aggressive posture with Chinese planes over the East China Sea, putting some egg on PM Abe’s face as he tries to build a ring of steel around China. Plus, Japan’s World Cup bid (and the career of one of its referees) isn’t looking so phenomenal – and the population/economy problem in Japan continues to get attention from the highest level of government in Tokyo as well as the media, often couched in discussion of immigration policy and how to resolve Japan’s quickly-shrinking head count.

Plus! Stateside Listener Meet and Greet(s)!

I (John) will be heading over to the US travelling through during the month of July. If you’re living in any of the following cities, drop me a line over at john@thejapanshow.com! And if you’re not there, look out for some audio on our podcast feed from the US tour!

  • Atlanta, GA (early July)
  • Washington, DC (mid-July)
  • Dallas, TX (mid/late-July)
  • Seattle, WA (late July)

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