Episode 36 – June 27 2013

Slogging through the trenches of responsible adulthood, Gavin and John are back to bring you Episode 36, recorded in wonderful Yokohama!  Ep 36 features the ever-friendly Lee Reeve, director of the Yokohama Seasider, in celebration of our second Yokohama-based podcast (and the start of many more).  Although we’re no longer in Tokyo proper, we’re only half an hour down the road, and we still want to keep you updated on what’s happening all over Japan.  As such, here be an episode!

2 thoughts on “Episode 36 – June 27 2013

  1. (Comment for 27:26) The word hikikomori was officially added to the English dictionary this year. There are some oddly obscure Japanese words creeping their way into the American-English lexicon.

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