Episode 35 – April 17 2013

The rumors of our death are, as you may be figuring out by now, woefully exaggerated.
That’s right, we’re alive (again)! I (John) and Gavin are both working ourselves to the bone, and haven’t had much time to put this podcast out.  We hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed getting back on the mic.  
Ep 35 covers Kim Jong Un and his threats to his Asian neighbors (and the US of course), potential of currency war between Japan and other export-led countries, and some silly Brits who found themselves arrested after a little dip in the Imperial Palace’s moat.  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 35 – April 17 2013

  1. Couldn’t find the new episode on iTunes. Any reason for this? Love the show.

    • Thanks for listening! The issue’s been taken care of, I’m a dummy.

  2. Oh how I missed you guys! Glad to see you guys putting out another ep! 😀

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