Episode 34 – January 20 2013


Happy holidays, and welcome back!

John and Gavin are back at it after some excellent holidays and the New Year, bringing you up to date on Abenomics and the new administration in general. We’ll give you a quick look at Japan’s new foreign policy and potential effects on the Senkaku dispute with China. Also, we’ll catch you up on the suicide of a young boy in Osaka and the hot-button issue of corporal punishment in schools.

4 thoughts on “Episode 34 – January 20 2013

  1. I appreciate the podcast. Japan related podcasts are so severely lacking, it’s nice to see one made with professional level quality.

    • Thank you!

      Although, in re: “professional level quality,” those are your words, not ours :p

    • We’re not dead! We promise!

      Gavin and I are both very much tied up with work commitments and it’s hard to get us both in the same room at the same time for the show. But we will be on the air again very soon.

      Thanks for listening.

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