Growing Pains – Website Issues

Hey everybody, John here. ┬áJust wanted to let you know that we’ve been having a little trouble with our old domain, It seems that our old freehost provider,, has shut its doors as of a few days ago; for some time, Google had blocked it because users had been creating tons of spamblogs (or splogs, which makes a ton of sense…).


Anyway, we’re working on getting our feeds back online, as they were linked to the old site; our podcast episodes are safe and sound, as is our data. We have unfortunately had to change our RSS feed to, you’ll find it there. We have submitted our podcast to iTunes with the same feed, we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Hope you’re all having fantastic holidays: I’m stuck up here in frosty Tokyo while Gavin gets to soak it up down under. Harumph.

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