Interview – Alfie Goodrich

Goodrich at the International Forum in Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan. Shot by John Matthews. Do you have any idea what sort of pressure there is when you’re photographing a photographer? Yeah, wow.

If you’ve not heard of Mr. Goodrich, he’s one of the premier photographers of the Tokyo scene – gaijin or otherwise. Seeing as how John’s caught the shutterbug and is working his way around Tokyo and Yokohama, trying to find the angle on adding the camera to the sound repertoire, we found the British-born Alfie would be an interesting interview to quench your thirst for Japan Show between episodes.

Info on Alfie: - Official Website - an admittedly astounding Flickr feed - Google Plus


Episode 39 – December 23 2013

From the magical (and approaching bitterly cold) land of Zushi comes Episode 39! It’s not just China and Japan at odds in the East China Sea (when is it ever just the two of them?), but now the US and South Korea are getting into the act.

On the homefront, we praise the courage of a stalked beauty queen and the journalists who broke silence to shame an oft-corrupt entertainment industry.  Plus, who doesn’t like snow? It turns out no one doesn’t. But we do wonder how far Japan will go to utilize its own natural resources at the cost of emissions. Listen for the scoop.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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Episode 38 – November 8, 2013

Filling out their one-per-season episode commitment, Gavin and John get together with fancy new microphones for another episode of The Japan Show.  Pacific tensions are as high as they’ve ever been, but -surprise!- it looks like Japan and Russia might be making amends.  Still, ROK President Park says there’s no point in a summit with Tokyo, as Japanese representatives remain unwavering in their positions on things like comfort women (forced sexual indenture) and forced labor.

It’s all just a day in the North Pacific.

Episode 37 – August 28 2013

And here comes Episode 37! Recorded in the sweltering heat, the ambient depression in the room can only be accounted for with one thing; the absolute lack of really good dill pickles in Japan.

But really, not so much. Got leaks? We do. But not those kind of leaks.  Olympic chat, faulty rockets, and all that are here and ready for your eager ears!

Episode 36 – June 27 2013

Slogging through the trenches of responsible adulthood, Gavin and John are back to bring you Episode 36, recorded in wonderful Yokohama!  Ep 36 features the ever-friendly Lee Reeve, director of the Yokohama Seasider, in celebration of our second Yokohama-based podcast (and the start of many more).  Although we’re no longer in Tokyo proper, we’re only half an hour down the road, and we still want to keep you updated on what’s happening all over Japan.  As such, here be an episode!

Episode 35 – April 17 2013

The rumors of our death are, as you may be figuring out by now, woefully exaggerated.
That’s right, we’re alive (again)! I (John) and Gavin are both working ourselves to the bone, and haven’t had much time to put this podcast out.  We hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed getting back on the mic.  
Ep 35 covers Kim Jong Un and his threats to his Asian neighbors (and the US of course), potential of currency war between Japan and other export-led countries, and some silly Brits who found themselves arrested after a little dip in the Imperial Palace’s moat.  Enjoy!

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Episode 34 – January 20 2013


Happy holidays, and welcome back!

John and Gavin are back at it after some excellent holidays and the New Year, bringing you up to date on Abenomics and the new administration in general. We’ll give you a quick look at Japan’s new foreign policy and potential effects on the Senkaku dispute with China. Also, we’ll catch you up on the suicide of a young boy in Osaka and the hot-button issue of corporal punishment in schools.

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Well, it’s been a bit of a wait, and Apple’s customer support has been virtually no help, but here’s our new link to iTunes!

Subscribers will want to update their iTunes to get new episodes, of which there will be some soon! Happy New Year again to you all.

Growing Pains – Website Issues

Hey everybody, John here.  Just wanted to let you know that we’ve been having a little trouble with our old domain, It seems that our old freehost provider,, has shut its doors as of a few days ago; for some time, Google had blocked it because users had been creating tons of spamblogs (or splogs, which makes a ton of sense…).


Anyway, we’re working on getting our feeds back online, as they were linked to the old site; our podcast episodes are safe and sound, as is our data. We have unfortunately had to change our RSS feed to, you’ll find it there. We have submitted our podcast to iTunes with the same feed, we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Hope you’re all having fantastic holidays: I’m stuck up here in frosty Tokyo while Gavin gets to soak it up down under. Harumph.